Walk-In Chambers

  • Temperature range: -70°C to +180°C (customizable)
  • Temperature control stability: ±0.5°C or better
  • Humidity range: 10% to 95%
  • Dew point range for humidity: 5°C to 60°C (sub-freezing available)
  • Customized desiccant drier systems for sub-freezing humidity levels
  • Humidity control stability: ±5% RH or better
  • Conditioning equipment with various refrigeration systems
  • NEMA 4 control console with self-tuning PID controllers and alarms
  • Customizable, modular design ensures speedy delivery and tailored dimensions.
  • Choose between prefab or welded construction for build flexibility.
  • Commonly used for solar testing, large vehicle component trials, including dashboards, seats, and batteries.
T3 offers advanced Walk-In Chambers designed to meet diverse temperature and humidity testing needs. Our customizable chambers provide a wide temperature range of -70°C to +180°C, ensuring precise control with a temperature stability of ±0.5°C or better. With cutting-edge features such as customized desiccant drier systems and NEMA 4 control consoles, T3’s Walk-In Chambers are ideal for industries requiring reliable and accurate environmental testing solutions.

Drive-In Chambers

  • Vehicle Test Chambers: Performance, Soak, Emissions, NVH, etc.
  • Turn-key solutions for Drive-In Vehicle Test Chambers
  • Open-architecture software for data integration and test algorithms
  • Compressor package with economizer for energy savings
    Independent circulation fans for temperature control and uniformity
  • Bypass circulation for improved temperature control at low speeds
  • Steam injection for humidity control
  • Frost-free option with -40°C dew point make-up air
  • Integrated vehicle data acquisition and control software
  • Standard to Heavy-Duty Superfloors – 30,000lbs/sqft – forklift driveable
T3 specializes in providing comprehensive Drive-In Chambers tailored for vehicle testing applications. Our turn-key solutions incorporate open-architecture software, enabling seamless integration of data and test algorithms. With independent circulation fans, steam injection systems, and energy-saving compressor packages, T3’s Drive-In Chambers ensure optimal temperature control, energy efficiency, and precise humidity control. The integration of vehicle data acquisition and control software further enhances the testing process.

Cold Rooms

  • +4°C Cold Rooms for labs or temperature-sensitive storage
  • Temperature control range: 2°C to 8°C (±0.5°C tolerance)
  • Humidity control systems available
  • Foamed-in-place urethane insulated modular panels
  • Panel thickness options: 4″, 5″, and 6″
  • UL-approved insulated panels with low flame spread rating
  • Conditioning equipment with industrial compressors
  • Various air handling systems available
  • Proportional control valves for precise temperature control
  • Control panels with alarms and monitoring capabilities
T3’s state-of-the-art Cold Rooms offer superior temperature control and stability for laboratory and temperature-sensitive storage requirements. Engineered with foamed-in-place urethane insulated modular panels, our Cold Rooms provide exceptional insulation and temperature tolerance, maintaining a temperature range of 2°C to 8°C with ±0.5°C precision. Featuring UL-approved insulated panels, industrial compressors, and customizable air handling systems, T3’s Cold Rooms are the ideal choice for organizations seeking reliable and fire-safe cold storage solutions.

Battery Test Chambers

  • EUCAR-compliant chambers assess batteries; prioritize safety, adhere to standards.
  • Flexibly select hazard levels aligned with specific applications for battery testing.
  • Tailored sizes for testing modules, packs, or skateboards, enhancing customization.
  • Chamber links with building fire safety systems, aiding swift response in emergencies.
  • Inclusions: fire suppression, burst disk, gas detection, bolster safety during testing.
With T3’s Battery Test Chambers, precision and reliability are at the forefront of battery testing. Our customizable chamber sizes and integrated data logging systems allow for accurate monitoring and analysis of temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors. Offering remote access and control capabilities, T3’s Battery Test Chambers empower users to manage and optimize testing conditions effortlessly. The modular construction ensures flexibility and future expansion options, making T3 the go-to provider for advanced battery testing solutions.

Custom Solutions

  • Expert engineers craft tailored chambers for specialized tests, ensuring precision in unique scenarios.
  • Resilient testing setups adhere to rigorous standards, perform remarkably even in extreme conditions.
  • Compliant with US MIL Std, chambers test weaponry, missiles, and military radar systems.
  • Create custom sand, dust, and high-altitude chambers; adapt explosion-proof rooms for testing.
  • Collaborate with design houses for robust blueprints, delivering optimal customer solutions beyond constraints.
T3 is the trusted industry leader in providing custom environmental testing solutions, tailored to meet specific requirements. With precise temperature, humidity, and environmental control capabilities, our chambers deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Customizable chamber sizes, integrated data logging systems, and remote access and control features enhance the testing process. T3’s modular construction allows for easy customization and expansion, ensuring adaptability to evolving testing needs, and establishing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

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