Climatic Simulation

  • Temperature and humidity stress testing for material compatibility.
  • Customizable testing with various temperature and humidity ranges.
  • Combined testing options for temperature, humidity, vibration, or altitude.
  • Industry applications include airbag inflators, adhesives, medical products, etc.

T3 excels in manufacturing climatic simulation testing systems, providing temperature and humidity stress tests that assess material compatibility. Our adaptable testing capabilities cover a wide spectrum of temperature and humidity conditions, ensuring precise replication of real-world environments. With versatile testing options for temperature, humidity, vibration, or altitude, T3 offers comprehensive solutions for various industries, including airbag inflators, adhesives, and medical products.


Battery Testing

  • Full battery & energy storage testing, certifications. Sizes covered, incl. lithium-ion applications.
  • Safety, performance assessments, certifications span AA batteries to EVs, fuel cells.
  • Partner with battery testing leaders; integrate Battery Cyclers, DC power supplies, meters.
  • Comprehensive applications: AA batteries to EVs, fuel cells; ensure safety, performance.
  • Collaborate for seamless integration; Battery Cyclers, DC power supplies, meters included.
  • Offer regenerative pack tests; collaborate for optimal compatibility with testing leaders.

T3 stands out in the field of battery testing due to its utilization of advanced reach-in chamber capabilities. These chambers create controlled environments that mimic real-world conditions, allowing thorough assessments of battery performance and safety. By subjecting batteries to various temperatures, humidity levels, and other relevant factors, T3 can simulate a wide range of scenarios that batteries might encounter during their lifecycle. This approach ensures that energy storage solutions, from standard AA batteries to complex electric vehicle setups and fuel cells, are rigorously evaluated for reliability and functionality. T3’s commitment to equipment sales is rooted in its ability to provide customers with the tools they need to develop and validate cutting-edge energy storage technologies.

Thermal Shock Testing:

  • Evaluates material response to rapid temperature transitions.
  • Accelerates stress and identifies weaknesses for product improvement.
  • Batch testing capacity with multi-zone thermal shock chamber.
  • Suitable for airbag inflators, medical products, circuit boards, etc.

T3’s proficiency lies in producing thermal shock testing equipment that evaluates material responses to rapid temperature transitions, pinpointing weaknesses and avenues for product enhancement. Our multi-zone thermal shock chambers facilitate batch testing, boosting efficiency and productivity. Ideal for applications like airbag inflators, medical products, and circuit boards, T3’s thermal shock testing technology ensures product durability and performance even under extreme temperature fluctuations.

Altitude Testing

  • Simulates varying air pressures experienced at different altitudes.
  • Verifies product durability and resistance to differential pressures.
  • Standards compliance with temperature and humidity variables.
  • Applications include airbag inflators, military standards, etc.

T3 is at the forefront of equipment manufacturing for altitude testing, replicating varying air pressures encountered at different altitudes. This process verifies product durability and resistance to differential pressures. Our tests adhere to industry standards and encompass temperature and humidity variables to ensure thorough evaluations. With applications spanning from airbag inflators to military standards, T3’s altitude testing equipment provides invaluable insights for a diverse range of industries.


Corrosion Testing

  • Evaluates corrosion resistance of metallic materials and components.
  • Tests simulate salt and sea mist effects on products.
    Cyclic corrosion testing with salt spray and temperature cycles.
  • Applications include brakes, metals, coatings, military standards, etc.

T3’s equipment manufacturing prowess extends to corrosion testing, where we assess the corrosion resistance of metallic materials and components. Our tests replicate salt and sea mist effects, enabling comprehensive evaluations of product performance in harsh settings. Incorporating cyclic corrosion testing, including salt spray and temperature cycles, T3 delivers precise and dependable corrosion assessments for applications such as brakes, metals, coatings, and military standards.

Solar Testing

  • Quality assurance for photovoltaic (PV) products and components.
  • Comprehensive testing, inspection, and certification services.
  • Customized solutions, product bankability verification, and expertise available.
  • Services cover PV modules, inverters, accessories, and more.

T3 specializes in producing high-quality equipment for photovoltaic (PV) product and component testing. Our comprehensive services encompass testing, inspection, and certification, all aimed at ensuring the reliability and performance of PV modules, inverters, and accessories. With tailored solutions, product bankability verification, and domain expertise, T3 provides trusted manufacturing for the solar industry.

Testing Services

  • Thoroughly certify battery and energy storage; various sizes and applications, including lithium-ion batteries.
  • Evaluate safety, performance, certify applications from AA batteries to EVs and fuel cells.
  • Extensive applications: AA batteries to EVs and fuel cells; ensure safety and performance.
  • Unique long-term testing conserves gear, offers remote monitoring, valuable data collection.
  • Optimize resources: utilize our equipment on-site or remotely, obtaining essential test data.
  • Collaborate with leaders; integrate Battery Cyclers, DC power supplies, meters, regenerative pack tests.

T3 is a recognized leader in environmental and climatic testing services, offering comprehensive testing and certification solutions for various systems. Our expertise extends to a wide array of sizes and applications, encompassing energy storage systems, electronics, and more. We specialize in safety testing, performance evaluations, and certifications, ensuring strict compliance with industry standards. From electronic devices to renewable energy solutions like electric vehicles and fuel cells, T3’s proficiency in environmental testing validates the quality and reliability of diverse products. Our commitment lies in subjecting these systems to rigorous assessments, guaranteeing their resilience and effectiveness across a range of environmental conditions.

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